International Customers

All international customers should contact us first before ordering especially if using a freight forwarder.

We will only sell to customers whose Paypal account is both verified and confirmed. We also will only ship to the billing addresses on the accounts so the shipping and billing addresses must match. If you are using a freight forwarder and we do not know you, you should contact us before ordering because we know that is not your real shipping or billing address. If for any reason our system flags an order as being possibly fraudulent, your order may be cancelled at our discretion.

Also, we have many problems with delivery when we ship international so ALL international customers must agree to the statement below by email:


To Our International Customers,
Unfortunately, we can not guarantee delivery to you for international packages. Our responsibility and liability to you will be to deliver the package to the local post office here in the US. After that, if the package happens to gets lost or product gets damaged, you will be responsible for it and we will not be able to refund your money or send you a replacement. Even if you are using a freight forwarder, we will only be responsible for taking your package to our local post office and from that point on, the responsibility is yours. If the package gets damaged or lost, we will not refund or replace your item and you agree not to submit a charge back or dispute with your payment company. Unfortunately, insuring a package through the post office is like just giving them free money because they never pay a claim even if you buy extra insurance. We realize that you may not want to place an order under these terms so please let us know if you can agree to these terms by writing back to us "I agree to the Terms and Conditions". We are doing this with all international shipments so please don't feel that we are singling you out. We have had problems shipping international and with freight forwarders so we either have to do this or just not sell internationally.  I wish we could find a better, more reliable and less expensive way to ship overseas but it is just really expensive to do.

Anyone using a freight forwarder here in the US should contact us first or you may have their order canceled if we can not verify you or we don't personally know who you are or you are ordering an item that we do not ship to other countries. There are certain items that we do not ship out of the country so just because you use a freight forwarder to place your order does not mean that we will ship to you. Please contact us first otherwise your time and our time will be wasted cancelling the order. We are sorry for such strict rules but we are having problems with fraudulent orders and people who are ripping off the designs. Our main goal is to protect the property of Kooks Creations and Steel Flame.

If you do not completely understand these Terms and Conditions then please email us with your questions before you agree to them.

We reserve the right to cancel anyone's order that we consider to be questionable or our system deems questionable.

Thank you.