About Us

Welcome to our website! This website was created because even though I had enough money saved for my youngest sons college tuition, he decided that he wanted to help pay for his tuition so he created kooksrevenge apparel. He started to sell it to his friends and they seemed to like it so he decided to try to sell it to the general public. Whether or not he makes enough money for his tuition doesn't really matter. I feel that this a good way for him to learn about business and it also gives us more father/son time together. We are hoping that this will be another amazing journey for us to take together, learn from each other, and most importantly, spend time together.

My son will be designing all the kooksrevenge items since that is his line of apparel and he and I will be creating the designs for the other products sold by Kooks Creations. We are also an authorized licensed dealer for Steel Flame promotional products. Please visit their website (www.steelflame.com) for awesome jewelry products.

We would like to thank you for visiting our site and hope you enjoy it. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at kookscreations@gmail.com.

Thank you!